Re – Heating Your Meal


Best in the oven at 200 C for 7-10 mins to give a crispy finish otherwise they can be done in the microwave also but may go soggy.

Main Curries

To re-heat main curries, there are two options, the first being using an open pan on a hob and the other is using a microwave, we would recommend the open pan but the microwave will work just as well.

To re-heat dishes in an open pan ensure they are heated until piping hot, this should be done up to 82 C before serving. Alternatively dishes can also be re-heated in a microwave, dishes should be put into a bowl, then heated for 2-3 mins, then taken out and stirred and re-heated for another 2-3 mins. Ensure the dish is well heated throughout before eating.


Breads can be taken straight out of the packaging and put into the microwave, leave for approx 45 seconds and this will leave a soft bread that is ready to eat.


Rice can simply be heated in the microwave until pipping hot, this can be approx 2 mins but can depend on how powerful your microwave is, ensure they are pipping hot before serving.

Gulab Jamin

Can be re-heated in the microwave, may take approx 45 – 60 seconds.